Mac Pro 5.1 (2009) #6

Mac Pro 5.1 (2009) #6

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Mac Pro 5.1 system (2009)
2 x 6 Core 3.5Ghz Intel Xeon processor
96GB 1333Mhz RAM (6 x 16GB blocks)
1TB Pcie Flash SSD (MacOS)
• 120GB SATA SSD (OS backup)
Power Supply Modification (for high power GPUs)
• AMD Radeon VII GPU with 16GB memory
(without bootscreen; 4k-ready; Mojave-compatible, very powerful)
(4 ports USB 3.1 Type C, not Thunderbolt 3)

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All our machines are carefully cleaned, refurbished & tested by a professional technician. All components are refurbished, beside Hard Disks, where present. All our machines, including their components, have 6 months RTB (return to base) warranty.

The Macs is provided with MacOS Mojave (or other OS, depending on the agreement) pre-installed, with a user ready for use.
This user has the program Mac Fans Control pre-installed and configured based on the specific computer and builds. We recommend to contact us, should you by accident disable this fan control, delete this pre-installed user or reinstall the system.

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